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29 Jul

The Artisanal Journey Begins With New World’s Innovative Recruitment Campaign Only One in 200 Artisans Chosen among Potential Management Trainee Applicants

The New World Group held the opening ceremony of their Management Trainee and Internship Programme on 15 July 2016, with a bespoke orientation to send off the new artisans on their journey ahead. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Joint General Manager of New World Development Co. Ltd. He encouraged MTs and Interns to start their journey with boundless imagination, applying the spirit of ‘’We Create, We Are Artisans’’ into their daily work while addressing each trainee as an Artisanal Ambassador. Adrian noted that only 10 MTs were selected to join the Programme from a pool of 2,000 potential candidates, so that only 1 out of over 200 applicants was ultimately chosen. The Group collaborates also with overseas universities, including Columbia University, King’s College London, Tsinghua University to recruit interns. Adrian added that “This year we not only got our new artisans from Hong Kong, but also from all over the world, including Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, U.S., U.K., India, Sri Lanka and China.” 

New World Group MT Programme Assessments - Artisans Blast

Artisans Blast is another parallel creative way to aid in MT recruitment making good use of social media to invite applications. The 10 selected candidates were invited to craft an artisanal living experience at Eight Kwai Fong after being introduced to the property on an artisanal tour by the Elite Services Team to learn more about the art pieces and the entire concept of the residence. A coffee art latte workshop was also arranged so that the candidates could get a taste of being a true artisan. The 10 Artisans presented their ideas on Artisanal Living to the management on the second day of the day of the tour. Two MTs were then selected this year from this Artisans Blast shortcut.  

New World Group Internship Programme Assessments - Artisans Go! & Artisans Hunt

We incorporated creative elements into our assessment centers this year, whereby candidates had to explore our various projects, including K11 Art Mall and D.Park to complete their artisanal group work and report to the management of the Mall.