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14 May

Apartments of Huizhou New World’s Sun Coast were sold well on the opening day

A grand opening ceremony of Huizhou New World's Sun Coast, which New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land"; Hongkong stock code:917) invested on, was held on May 14. This time, delicately-decorated houses were launched in total, mainly consisting of two- or three- bedroom apartments of 85-145 square meters, which were averagely sold at the price of 7,000 yuan per square meters. On the opening day, a total of more than 500 people attended for the subscription, and 168 houses were sold out, setting a record of the sale of an apartment every 30 seconds in hot transaction.

Huizhou New World Long Island Project is located in East River New City - a high-quality waterfront area in Huizhou, which is only five minutes' driving from CBD. This project will be developed in four phases, which has a total investment of more than 1.2 billion yuan and covers an area of ​​328,000 square meters, with the planned construction area of nearly 520 thousand square meters. At present, Phase I and II have been completed, and proprietors have already moved in, the occupancy rate reaching up to 98%. New World Sun Coast launched this time belongs to the third phase of this project, which has Hong Kong-style apartments with fresh air going through from north to south. In addition, these apartments are delicately decorated, with the decoration standard of 1,680 yuan per square meter and with the kitchen's three-piece suite free to offer. At present, the model rooms of New World Sun Coast have been open to the public, accepting the booked visits of members of NWCLUB.