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3 Jan

About 595,000 people voted in NWDS "7 Moods of a Week ─ NWDS VIP Card Design Competition", the seven award winners were announced

New World Department Store China Limited ("NWDS") revealed the seven winning designs of "7 Moods of a Week ─ NWDS VIP Card Design Competition". The winning creations will be used for the upcoming new NWDS VIP card designs, allowing customers to be NWDS's VIP Card designer for the first time.

With the theme of "7 Moods of a Week" that symbolizes different moods while shopping in NWDS everyday in a week, participants demonstrate various distinct ideas for the VIP card design. Since the enrollment started on October 28, there were a total of 2,035 entries collected from all stores across the nation in just a month. Among them the top 30 designs have been selected from all stores of NWDS to enter the final round competition. There were two parts of evaluation in the final round competition: the public polling in the stores and on NWDS E-Shopping Platform ( as well as evaluated by the management team.

In order to let more people to participate in the event, NWDS especially arranged a lucky draw for all the customers who participated in the polling. The prizes included NWDS shopping vouchers or special gifts, thus attracted a lot of customers to vote in the stores for their favorite designs. During the voting period from 10 December to 18 December, a huge crowd of people was drew to the stores, finally there were a total of approximately 595,000 people have made the vote through the stores and online platform. The seven winning creations will become the designs of the seven different versions of NWDS VIP card. New VIP members can make a choice according to their preferences when joining the membership. The winning designs and creative rationales are as below:

Award Award Winner /
Creative Rationale Prize
Gold Ouyang Lisha
Ouyang Lisha
Using cat as the design element,
with cat's light figure and graceful
movement, implying that fashion
can bring us joyful and elegant
feelings. The design consolidated
different temperament of cats,
showing the unique personality
and the extraordinary taste of the
stylish young generation.

RMB 3,888 NWDS
shopping voucher

Silver Wang Yansheng
Wang Yansheng
The design shows the beauty
of youth through the colorful
RMB 2,888 NWDS
shopping voucher
Bronze Liu Yang
Liu Yang
Three simple shapes with
different colors imply personality,
fashion and life, symboling every
VIP cardholder can have fun from
the free interaction between these
three factors.

RMB 1,888 NWDS
shopping voucher

Excellence Cai Min
Cai Min
Stylish and elegant pure color,
accompanied by fireworks-like
pattern that filled the surface of
the card, bringing an enthusiastic
and happy shopping mood. The
elements of fashion, clothing,
shoes and accessories, etc.
stressed the theme properly.
shopping voucher
Excellence Zhong Bo
Zhong Bo
You will have different surprise,
when go to NWDS every time,
and you never know what
surprises are waiting for you
next time. Every detail in the
stores reflects her dedication
and caring, that makes the
unique different between NWDS
and other department stores.
shopping voucher
Excellence Xu Yuanbo
Xu Yuanbo
The radial colors match perfectly
with the VIP text and the black
background makes the card even
more sharp, grand and stylish.
shopping voucher
Excellence Han Jing
Han Jing
The card use bar code as the
design element and mix with
different colors to express a
variety of colorful mood. The
English words embedded to
the bar code reflect the idea
of "Enriching Lives‧Enhancing
Character" .
shopping voucher


Mr Philip Cheung, Managing Director and Executive Director of NWDS said, "We are very excited about the public's enthusiasm for joining the competition and polling. This '7 Moods of a Week ─ NWDS VIP Card Design Competition' allowed customers to design their own VIP card, as well as strengthening NWDS's image of a department store that cares about customers' needs and integrated into public life. On the other hand, it also marked initial success for the launch of the new NWDS VIP card without consumption requirement. By launching the brand new VIP card without consumption requirement, more customers especially younger generation will become NWDS's VIP member to enjoy numerous VIP privileges offered by NWDS. In future, NWDS will continue to strive on VIP membership maintenance, VIP base expansion and VIP system optimization."

NWDS has been placing high importance on VIP member services. By becoming NWDS VIP, the members can join the gift redemption program with bonus points, participate in diversified VIP activities. Besides VIP card, NWDS has set up a three classes VIP system, namely Diamond, Platinum, Gold. Customers who spent a specific amount in the stores can apply for the Gold VIP card, enjoying a 10% discount for merchandizes of the department stores, 5% discount for that of the supermarkets (exclude specific products) and a series of premium services. Gold VIP card members can be upgraded to Platinum VIP card members upon the consumption of RMB 50,000 within a year, enjoying a 12% discount for the department stores and 5% discount for the supermarkets (exclude specific products). Platinum and Gold VIP members who reached a specific amount of annual consumption and being invited by the stores can become Diamond card members, in addition to the Platinum members' privileges, the Diamond card members can also enjoy exclusive upgraded member services.