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22 Apr

507 Carat Diamond “Cullinan Heritage” from South Africa and Valuable Golden Ornament will be exhibited exclusively at K11

K11, the first Art Mall in the world advocating the interplay of "Art˙People˙Nature", is enthusiastic about the promotion and development of local arts movements. For this reason, K11 jointly organizes with Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company to exhibit precious treasures.

A replica of 507 Carat Diamond "Cullinan Heritage" from South Africa will be exhibited inside the conceptual shop of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery of K11. Besides, a Golden Flowery Ornament that values 10 million will be exhibited on the ground floor of K11 as well. These exhibitions display the natural resources of South Africa and echo with the ongoing ecological and cultural tour of "Spice up, Africa!" The displays are free for public viewing.

"The exhibits present the genuine beauty of nature and fine arts. They show also the subtle relationship that intertwines amongst human, arts and nature," said Mr Adrian Cheng, the Founder & Chairman of K11. " We wish to bring the precious exhibits closer to the public, starting from here at K11- the shopping mall that functions as an art museum as well."

The Replica of the exceptionally rare 507 Carat Rough Diamond from South Africa

This exceptionally rare, flawless, colourless, Type IIA diamond weighing 507 carats, recovered in South Africa at US$35.3 million (HK$275 million), named "The Cullinan Heritage", is one of the best quality rough diamonds discovered to date. Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company plans to handcraft the 507 carat rough diamond from South Africa into a finest round diamond of more than 120 carats.

Display of the Golden Flowery Ornament
The handmade golden flowery ornament with a net weight of 438 taels values 10 million dollar. Peony flower, hails as the king of flowers, and lily flower, representing elegance and nobility, are themed in the design, together with Anthurium flower which symbolizes the sign of good fortune. More than 20 experienced craftsmen spent three months of time to produce such a masterpiece in life-size scale. Subtlety is shown from observing the shape of flowers, stems, and leaves of different sizes. Detailed vein and flower bud can be clearly seen, and the spaces between flowers meticulously match with the mood of the whole decoration. The whole exhibit displays the elegance of flowers and implies the meaning of "Reunion and Good Fortunes For All Seasons ".

Exhibition details


Date and Time


Display of the Golden
Flowery Ornament

From today onwards to
10 May
10am to 10pm

G/F, K11

The replica of the
507 carat rough diamond
from South Africa

From today onwards to
31 May
10:30am to 10pm

Chow Tai Fok Concept store at 1/F, K11