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24 Apr

“NWCL Green Community, Islibrary" Opened Formally at Guangzhou Park Paradise

New World China Land Limited ("New World China Land" or "the Group"; Hong Kong stock code: 917) and iFAIR China Fair Trade Center set up the second public community library in a NWCL community, which opened formally to the public at Guangzhou Park Paradise yesterday. 

"NWCL Green Community , Islibrary" gained more attention and support of the community and general public 9 guests from various fields were invited to participate in the living library activity, who will answer the readers' questions, achieving the purpose of mutual communication, enhancing understanding and removing prejudice. 

The library has presently received over 400 books and magazines donated by people from all sectors of community, which is operated and managed by volunteers from Chuangxiang Association of Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies. These volunteers will carry out a series of community activities such as regularly organizing reading groups, day manager, and living library, building a new communication platform for community life. 

"NWCL Green Community, Islibrary" is a library project introduced to its mature residential community by New World China Land, which joined hands with iFAIR China Fair Trade Center. The project has been operated successfully at Beijing New World Villa, and it is expected to be introduced to other cities in future such as Shenyang, Wuhan, and Changsha. 

iFAIR China Fair Trade Center searches for the connection of "Fair Trade" and "Creative Market" with the hope that sustainable "public" + "creative" ideas could promote a social environment of "fair trade" and "creative support for public welfare", protect the rights of creators and producers, and establish cooperation and helping opportunities for creative entities with NGO institutions, traditional craftsmen, ethnic minorities, disadvantaged groups and entrepreneurial students to gradually introduce China's creative fair trade products.