New World Development Company Limited
Social Value Creation
We improve social mobility of the under-resourced and the youth through our caring-oriented experiential programmes that offer broader community exposure and encourage them to share and give back to the society.
New World Springboard
In a quest to help Hong Kong's under-resourced youth, Dr. Adrian Cheng, Executive Vice-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New World Development, founded New World Springboard programme in 2012. The launch of this trailblazing effort has opened the door to providing long-term support to young people from the under-resourced community. It also enables them to unleash their full potential while equipping them to serve as our leaders of the future, striving to build a better society for us all.
This landmark programme embodies a dynamic motivational drive to improve social mobility by actively instilling self-discipline in our local youth so that they can develop a more positive outlook on life and take on challenges with an indomitable spirit.
Programmes & Events
New World Swimming Academy
In 2012, New World Group and the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association jointly launched the New World Swimming Academy, offering free swimming training to under-resourced students aged between seven and 14. Through this programme, talented students will receive professional training for up to seven years and have the opportunity to take part in the annual New World Harbour Race. In addition to regular training sessions, all of the gifted swimmers also get the chance to compete in various open competitions to further enrich their experience.
New World Basketball League
In 2013, partnering with the Hong Kong Basketball Association, the New World Basketball League was launched, providing free basketball training to Hong Kong's under-resourced children, aged eight to 11.
New World Springboard Golf & Tennis Programme
The Group is continually extending its sporting support to the wider community while at the same time discovering new young talented athletes. In collaboration with the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Charity Foundation, the programme started offering free golf and tennis training to under-resourced students from the Sai Kung district in 2015.
Diversified Experience
To broaden youngsters' horizons, there are overseas learning tours, visits to the New World Group's facilities and mega events and other eye-opening experiential activities. Famous athletes are invited to come to share their experiences. The participants truly look up to these athletes as role models and are subsequently motivated to set their own goals. But most importantly, these exceptional experiences help broaden the scope of what is possible in life for under-resourced families and add colour to their lives.
Mentorship Scheme
Providing bespoke support for the youth's spiritual needs, a special Mentorship Programme was rolled out, in which staff as well as their relatives and friends are mobilised to serve as the youths' mentors who provide one-on-one life coaching, share aspirational stories and give them advice.
New World Springboard Community Ambassador Programme
How can we all nurture a more caring and responsible attitude in the next generation? For this, the New World Springboard Community Ambassador Programme was launched in 2015 to encourage participating youths to volunteer their time to aid different underserved sectors of society which certainly sow the seeds of charitable giving in these young people's hearts.
New World Springboard Parent Club
Parental guidance and support play an important role in children's development. Therefore, in addition to youth development, New World Springboard also provides the supports that parents need. The New World Springboard Parent Club was established in 2014 to assist parent members with instilling a positive attitude in their children’s growth and enhance parenting skills through various activities such as seminars.
New World Springboard Teens Club
Seeing students mature, New World Springboard Teens Club was launched at the end of 2016 to provide life coaching for students aged 13 and above. Here members can get valuable advice about furthering their education as well as career planning.
New World Springboard Elite Scholarship Scheme
In order to encourage and recognise students in the programme with outstanding sports achievements, the New World Springboard Elite Scholarship Scheme sponsors and supports the students who have entered Hong Kong Team, so they could further advance their sports journey in the future.
Love · New World Volunteers Club
Established in 2012, the Love · New World Volunteers Club encourages New World Group's staff and their friends to show the spirit of 'The Artisanal Movement' to the society through volunteering in which they craft and deliver bespoke services to the beneficiaries.
Nurturing the Children and Youth
Love · New World Volunteers Club recruits staff from the Group to join the New World Springboard Mentorship Programme and serve as mentors of under-resourced children and youths who provide life coaching for upward mobility and positive outlook on life. In addition, the volunteers brought the young patients and children with special educational needs good memories through a wide range of extraordinary services.
Care for the Elderly
The volunteers extend their care to the elderly in under-resourced districts through home-visits, recreational activities and elderly events of non-governmental organisations, in which the elderly are encouraged to broaden their social circles and connect with the community.
Protect our Environment
In order to bring a positive impact to the environment, the Club actively supports and gathers volunteers to take part in green initiatives of non-governmental organisations, creating shared value for the society.
Volunteer Artisans
The Club not only arranges different training to enhance the capacity of the volunteers, but also forms volunteer teams, namely Photography Artisans, Balloon Twisting Artisans and Magic Artisans to provide diversified services for the communities.
Charity Sales for NGOs
Invite the Group's colleagues to donate their unwanted possessions, and arrange volunteers to hold charity sales for non-governmental organisations to support their development.