Gentry of Artisans Picnic in Aurora Dreams I'M AN ARTISAN: EIGHT KWAI FONG Bohemian Urbanites

A subtle blend of sophisticated simplicity and exquisite tradition

Modern urbanites enjoy an Artisanal lifestyle and create simply sophisticated cuisine at BOHEMIAN HOUSE.

Western District is close to the modern bustle of Central but a world away in history and its local community, where food culture is a focus. The district’s traditional dried seafood and vegetable stalls, and family-owned shops, are a time capsule of Hong Kong’s heritage, with a wealth of historical buildings and the authentic culture of a fast-disappearing past.

In a truly Artisanal approach to preserving and renovating the distinctive and precious qualities of the district, we have chosen to focus on the harmonious integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Working closely with the architect Simplicity Co. Ltd. and Thomas Cheung Kong Yeung, we have created in BOHEMIAN HOUSE a stylish reflection of past and present that pays homage to history and features the latest in architectural design.

Concentrating on traditional Japanese aesthetics, we have set aside the ordinary notions of luxury to focus on the fundamental qualities of beauty, harmony and grace. We are passionate about using natural materials to reflect and express the local environment, as can be seen in the use of stone for the BOHEMIAN HOUSE entrance, and the design note of copper for the subtle variations in colour and texture that evolve with the passage of time.

This sense of cultural harmony is perfectly exemplified in the understated sophistication of CLUB BOHEMIAN, where our design takes its inspiration from the district’s unique food culture. With a focus on the freshest local ingredients sourced from neighbouring shops and markets, the ARTISAN KITCHEN and Alfresco outdoor cooking space provide a unique environment where residents can experiment, innovate and showcase their expertise. In the fully-equipped kitchens, with their display of exquisitely crafted copperware, even the most ambitious dreams of personalised fine dining can come to life for friends, family, colleagues and fellow Artisans.

While the design of the façade references tram window frames to reflect the nostalgia of Hong Kong’s iconic tramway system, Yeung’s ingenious use of the I-frame provides a striking new way of embracing and linking the curtain wall and balconies of the residential unit.

The innovations of BOHEMIAN HOUSE breathe new life into the traditional heart of Hong Kong’s Western District. They make it an ideal home to a new generation of sophisticated urban bohemians who appreciate the artisanal subtleties of revolutionary architecture integrated with historical resonance and the local food culture, harmoniously expressed through finely crafted urban design.

A Park in the Sky, Where Dreams of an Artisanal Lifestyle Come True

SKYPARK is a park in the sky, a perfect home for an Artisanal style of living, where dreams of open space become reality.

Inspired by urban parks around the world, SKYPARK is an unparalleled green space looking down on our vibrant and prosperous city – an open space where residents’ imagination can expand at last, enabling residents to appreciate a truly Artisanal environment for living.

To create an expansive and intimate environment where discerning residents enjoy a sense of shared community between nature and neighbourhood, floating exclusively above the hustle and bustle of busy Hong Kong, we shared a kindred spirit in the Dutch architects, concrete to bring our concept to reality.

The ‘Break the Wall’ design concept allows residents to expand into a free space high above the bustling city, where they can interact with a community of like-minded individuals in a stunning redefinition of modern living culture.

Breaking the restrictive barriers of conventional architecture, innovative use of glass extends a sense of infinite space across THE AURORA, the clubhouse of SKYPARK, where SKYSTAIRS develops the open theme to link the indoors with the outdoors. This stunning staircase enjoys magnificent views, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors to create a bridge between nature and the cityscape.

The green rooftop is a breath-taking combination of garden aesthetics and green design, and in THE AURORA, city space is returned to its residents, enticing them to get closer to nature and to relish informal alfresco dining with the idea of ‘Picnic in Aurora Dreams’. Hosting a barbecue party, savouring sunset cocktails or simply gazing at the stars, residents are inspired to refresh, recharge, and discover the endless possibilities of a modern Artisanal lifestyle.

SKYPARK is a perfect environment where urban dwellers can maintain a luxurious work-life and city-country balance high above the city. The Artisanal vision of a modern lifestyle comes to life at SKYPARK, where you too can truly appreciate what it is to be an Artisan.

Gone are the days when the sheer scale of mass production dictates and shapes one’s lifestyle.

A desire for a creative transformation, a new definition of modern living, in which every nuance in one’s life matters, is sprouting among us. Such incessant desire for all things evocative, all things artisanal, is unmistakable.

The truth is, inherently we are all artisans. Fine details are valued, not overlooked. And as artisans, we are defined not only by an attitude, but also an aspiration to create, obtain and appreciate better things.

From sustenance to décor to bespoke services to one’s home, our attention to quality in all elements marks the beginning of The Artisanal Movement.

Straddling heritage and unorthodoxy, where history is respected but interspersed by new flavors, Eight Kwai Fong is the result of the movement. It is timeless, serene and intimate, designed specifically to kindle and intrigue.

Behind its towering gates, every detail is a result of bespoke craftsmanship, fashioned and forged by the finest ensemble of artisans at New World Development.

Eight Kwai Fong is therefore a place potent for contemplation, where sculptures, collectables and curated artefacts – painstakingly crafted by artisans, and sourced, from around the world – may conjure up an emotional moment of self-reflection. Collectively, they craft the perfect scene to start a dialogue on philosophy, aesthetic and identity; the perfect scene where the clinking of glasses, and tasteful living are relished.

Eight Kwai Fong stays true to the bygone days of the tasteful way of life, where one’s inner mind is touched in the purest manner, while setting a new approach to high-rise living. It recalibrates one’s definition of lifestyle – one that is defined by finesse, not pace; by quality, not quantity – not only in Happy Valley, or Hong Kong, or mere Asia, but globally.

This is but one of the many episodes of The Artisanal Movement.

In a community awash with artistic creativity, original ideas and inspirations flow fluidly, like musicians who tacitly come together to form the perfect orchestra, regaling each other in an unending concerto.

Each literary exchange, each shared experience strikes a chord in this community to culminate to the betterment for all.

This is the community exclusive to the creative, the community of Bohemian Urbanites where artisans of all disciplines rejoice in the company of each other. Their collective pursuit of life’s truths sets themselves apart from the mainstream ephemera, creating an unconventional lifestyle.

They are writers, artists, designers, philosophers and discerning global nomads living an artistic lifestyle with a love for the artisanal; they are trend-sensitive yet they conform only to the notion of self-enrichment. The boisterous but hidden neighborhood of Sai Wan is one such community. Sai Wan not only is blessed with the coveted view of Hong Kong’s serene harbourfront and its fair share of nature, but its proximity to the bustling district of Central also makes for the perfect residential area for those who enjoy both the tranquil and excitable.

Deeply rooted in its Hong Kong heritage – as seen in the stunning Lo Pan Temple and WWII remains along Mount Davis Path – the community of Sai Wan is the epitome of the bohemian lifestyle, blending modern luxury with history, budding with possibilities while maintaining a refreshing vibe of the grassroots. This residential neighborhood is now home to hip independent restaurants, cafes, shops and art galleries that have sprouted like ingenious ideas, attracting and nurturing a group of young Bohemian Urbanites.

In the heart of this is Eight South Lane, a boutique residence in Sai Wan designed for the cultured elites.

Fashioned by the renowned design talents of Florent Nédélec and BARstudio, Eight South Lane blends in seamlessly with Sai Wan’s up-and-coming vibe. The residence features elegant wood decoration, chic furniture pieces and meticulously curated art pieces, allowing the tasteful lifestyle to be thoroughly articulated.

Eight South Lane also transcends ordinary city dwelling. It demonstrates an attitude of free spirit as seen in its unique curtain wall façade and the roof garden. The latter is an organic extension of the clubhouse, a “living and breathing” space for urban farming and alfresco dining where ideas and laughter are exchanged. It represents a personal, cultural and social reaction to the bohemian life.