New World Development Company Limited
New World Sustainability Vision 2030
New World Sustainability Vision 2030 references the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and steers the Group to offer a customer experience based on three pillars: Green, Wellness and Caring, all of which are enabled by a fourth pillar: Smart. Led by the Board Sustainability Committee and driven by our stakeholders’ growing awareness of sustainable development, together we are curating opportunities for a life well-lived.
Together, we curate opportunities for a life well-lived
Guided by SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, the Group strives to reduce its adverse environmental impact, achieve operational resource efficiency and mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts. We enhance the connectivity of the city by providing safe and sustainable transport systems. In line with SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals, we collaborate with stakeholders, such as tenants and industry organisations, to advance our efforts.
Moving us towards a Greener Future.
Our Green Target
Reduce energy and carbon emission intensity by 50%, respectively
Our Group-wide energy and carbon emission intensity targets cover our property businesses, including NWD, NWCL and K11, as well as construction businesses, NWSH and NWDS. NWSH also discloses its environmental targets in its Annual Report 2019.
Environmental Management
We follow international standards and best practices and seek external certifications for our management systems, services and products.
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre is the 1st Venue in Hong Kong receiving ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System Certification
The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Achieving ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System
Managed by the Group’s business unit, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is the first venue in Hong Kong receiving the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System certification, recognising our dedication towards sustainability throughout the event management cycle in this hallmark of Hong Kong’s Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions (MICE) industry.
The HKCEC has established a clear event sustainability policy and guidelines to ensure the concept of sustainability is fully incorporated into the entire event management cycle from bookings, event planning, food & beverage services and procurement to waste management, staff training, on-site delivery and billing, as well as customer feedback handling. The venue’s environmental management also encompasses capital investments for reducing energy and water consumption enhancing workplace health and safety and participating in community services.
In the fiscal year 2014/15, a total of 6.4 million visitors visited HKCEC’s restaurants and 1,113 events were successfully held at the HKCEC. Over 400,000 kg of food and other waste materials were collected for recycling. 1,500 lights in fire escape stairways were replaced with motion sensing dimmable LED lighting in the recent year. Almost 3,000kg of unconsumed food was donated to charity. Staff of the HKCEC participated in a total of 62 community programmes to help the needy.
NWD is committed to conserving the ecosystem and biodiversity of the land under its responsibility by
  • Complying with relevant statutory requirements and conducting ecological assessments at the pre-development stage where applicable;
  • Avoiding developments in the World Heritage areas and International Union Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Category I-IV protected areas; and
  • Minimising any potential adverse impact of its operations on biodiversity and where practicable, promoting the restoration of the ecosystem.
Green building design and certifications
The Group strives to achieve BEAM Plus (Gold) green building certifications or above for new projects in Hong Kong and LEED (Gold) certifications for all new K11 projects in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.
We incorporate climate-resilient designs and adaptive measures such as the sponge city concept into our projects to reduce the vulnerability of the community to extreme weather events.
HK BEAM Plus Gold or above: 22 buildings
U.S. LEED Gold or above: 22 buildings
China Green Building Evaluation Standard “Two-Star” or above: 9 buildings
Victoria Dockside – K11 Atelier
K11 Atelier is the first workplace that integrates art, people and nature in one building, redefining modern work space by creating an inspiring office environment and interconnected ecosystem for top talent.
The sustainable architecture of K11 Atelier has been recognised with U.S. LEED Platinum pre-certification and Hong Kong BEAM Plus provisional status. In addition to the green building design, K11 Atelier is dedicated to curating a cleaner and healthier working environment and engaging tenants through relevant services and programmes. Technologies are in place to ensure the indoor environmental quality is above the local standard and the holistic wellbeing of tenants is being prioritised. K11 Atelier echoes the "New World Sustainability Vision 2030", the Group's long-term roadmap that integrates green, wellness, smart, and caring features throughout its portfolio.
The Green Atrium
Envisioning a world of green living possibilities, The Green Atrium is a green lifestyle hub combining commercial, educational, and sustainability elements, with the aim to cultivating the younger generations to understand sustainability, resource conservation and biodiversity with green educational tours, farming experience and educational workshops offerings.
The Green Atrium is a certified Hong Kong BEAM Plus Gold-level green building with over 30 sustainable features regarding energy, air, water, food, waste and biodiversity. The project on average reduces 116,600 kg of carbon emissions per year, which is equivalent to planting more than 5,000 trees.
New World China Land – Canton First Estate
As early as 2011, New World China Land has successfully developed the Canton First Estate as a “sponge city” community. “Sponge city” is an urban storm water and flood management concept which is able to absorb, store, seep and purify rainwater in order to utilise water resources and demonstrate resilience during rainstorms. The Government of China proactively promotes the “sponge city” concept and established 14 urban centres as pilot sponge cities in 2016.
The whole Canton First Estate project has a total gross area of 300 hectares. Apart from 47 hectares that have been preserved for natural forestry, other enhancements included repairing damaged mountains and improving the diversity of plants by planting native species, improving the infiltration of rainwater and enhancing the value of ecology and landscape. In addition, the project links up 35 natural lakes, forming a 33-hectare natural reservoir capable of storing 1.1 million cubic meters of water which greatly increases Canton First Estate's water storage and reduces the risk of flooding. Collected rainwater will be treated by four water purification systems including artificial floating island, natural and artificial wetlands and ecological filtration system, to fully meet the irrigation needs of the golf course within the community. The project is capable of processing up to 4.45 million cubic meters of rainwater and greywater each year and can withstand a once-every-50-year torrential rainstorm.
The project has become one of the largest-scale private developments that have adopted the “sponge city” concept.
Green retail
From conception to tenant mix, we revolutionise the norm of retail concept by offering green and healthy retail options to customers.
Spanning nearly 9,000 square feet, K11 Natural features a number of green catering and retail brands promoting nature, wellness and sustainability
New World Department Store maintains the sales proportion of eco-friendly merchandise at LOL (Love • Original • Life) Concept Shops at ~10%
Hong Kong and Mainland China K11 Art Mall
A remarkable customer experience is crafted by synergising art, people and nature at our Hong Kong and Mainland China K11 Art Malls. The flagship K11 in Hong Kong and Shanghai were launched in December 2009 and June 2013 respectively. The K11 brand will be further developed with more than 16 projects in 8 cities across Mainland China.
In December 2016, the cutting-edge merchandise zone in the theme of nature and art, K11 Natural, was newly opened on Level 2 of Hong Kong K11 Art Mall, aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle through organic, local and natural products. Spanning nearly 9,000 square feet, K11 Natural features a number of catering and retail brands promoting nature, wellness and craftsmanship, bringing a brand-new green retail experience to customers.
New World Department Store – LOL Concept Shops
Our private label, LOL (Love • Original • Life) Concept Shop (“LOL”), offers environmentally-friendly, safe and quality products sourced from different channels in response to the pursuit of a quality lifestyle by our customers. To further promote green merchandising, the “LOL Green Proposal” is prepared to guide suppliers to consider green procurement.
We maintain the sales proportion of eco-friendly merchandise at LOL stores at around 10%. LOL has introduced a range of eco-friendly DIY products made by original Hong Kong brand “Team Green”, including 3D puzzles and a series of products made with certified eco-friendly raw materials, which were greatly welcomed by lifestyle- and environment-conscious customers. Other green products launched include environmentally-sound cork accessories and leather goods, as well as eco-resin children’s goods. In the future, we will continue to source new green products to inspire our customers to embrace the green lifestyle.
Guided by SDG 3 Good Health and Well-being, the Group strives to promote health and well-being, provide quality and innovative healthcare solutions for the community and ensure occupational health and safety during our operations. We also collaborate with stakeholders such as NGOs to advance our efforts.
Promoting Health in Body and Mind
Our Wellness Target
Enhance the wellbeing of 20 million people through healthy built environment, wellness ventures and programmes
WELL buildings
We prioritise customers' health and promote holistic wellness. By referencing or certifying more properties to the WELL Building StandardTM complemented by tenant engagement programmes, we instill healthy living among our customers.
K11 ATELIER KING’S ROAD achieved WELL Building StandardTM Platinum Level (core & shell)
Qianhai CTF Finance Tower (North Tower & Retail Podium) achieved WELL Building StandardTM Gold level Pre-certification
The large-scale re-development project has achieved BEAM Plus (Provisional Platinum), LEED Platinum, and WELL Building StandardTM Platinum, epitomising the key elements — 'green', 'wellness', 'smart' and 'caring' — of the 'New World Sustainability Vision 2030'.
WELL Building StandardTM is a performance-based evaluation system for measuring, certifying and monitoring building features that impact human health and well-being. The standard includes seven concepts concerning the well-being of occupants: air, water, light, nourishment, fitness, comfort and mind, ensuring human-centric principles are integrated into the building design.
The Group is committed to achieving WELL Building StandardTM certification for our new projects as far as practicable. With wellness-oriented offerings, we endeavour to elevate the modern living standard for our stakeholders.
Wellness and sports facilities
The Group offers world-class sports facilities and training to promote holistic wellness among stakeholders.
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) is the first sports academy in Asia that offers bespoke golf and tennis training programmes from two world-renowned institutes – PGA of America Learning & Performance and Bruguera Tennis Academy
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA)
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy (HKGTA) is the first sports and wellness academy in Hong Kong to provide world-class coaches, in international standard facilities, to enable golf and tennis sportspeople to reach their full potential. HKGTA is the only sports academy in the world that houses both PGA of America Learning & Performance Institute and Bruguera Tennis Academy under the same roof and the latter was the first Bruguera Tennis Academy built outside Barcelona. HKGTA provides golf and tennis training, and more importantly, seeks to instill a holistic approach to wellness that enhances both physical and mental well-being.
HKGTA has also launched the 'Future Stars Programme' comprising seven major initiatives to identify and groom future champions in tennis and golf. The Academy embraces a long-term vision to nurture Hong Kong's budding stars and facilitate them to gain places in the international sporting events such as the Grand Slam Tournaments. Such talented sporting youngsters will be recruited into the HKGTA Team for more intensive training. Meanwhile, HKGTA also renders support to the New World Springboard programme to enable under-resourced children to have greater access to sports training.
The charitable arm of HKGTA, the HKGTA Charity Foundation, has also recently launched the Active Youth Grants Scheme, which provides funds to community organisations to help them educate, motivate and inspire people through sports.
Medical & healthcare businesses
In view of the aging population and surging healthcare demand, we provide quality, reliable and personalised healthcare services for people through our hospital, wellness centres, and rehabilitation businesses.
Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital provides 500 beds and cutting-edge medical services spanning 35+ specialties and subspecialties
HUMANSA provides Hong Kong’s first one-stop healthcare service that follows a holistic model spanning wellness, rehabilitation, elderly and home care with the support of technology and a professional multidisciplinary
Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital
Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK) is a state-of-the-art, multi-specialty private tertiary hospital designed to provide Hong Kong citizens with high-quality and accessible healthcare services.
Located in Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island South, GHK provides 500 beds, cutting-edge medical technologies and a comprehensive range of clinical services spanning more than 35 specialties and subspecialties.
As Hong Kong's top-notch private teaching hospital, GHK also contributes to the training and development of healthcare professionals, and the advancement of clinical research.
GHK is a joint venture hospital between Parkway Pantai and NWS Holdings and is managed by Parkway Pantai. The University of Hong Kong is the exclusive clinical partner of GHK and is responsible for clinical governance.
Community sports events
To instill a sporting culture and encourage exercise amongst people of all ages, the Group sponsors local and international sports events every year.
Over 3,300 swimmers participated in the New World Harbour Race 2018
New World Harbour Race
Sponsored by New World Group since its revival in 2011, the New World Harbour Race is one of Hong Kong's most iconic sports events, engaging a large number of international and local swimmers every year. The Race has been recognised as an 'M' Mark event by the Major Sports Events Committee. Furthermore, young swimmers from New World Springboard programme have also been invited to apply their skills gained from the training and have completed the Race with encouraging results.
Our Smart innovations are enablers to drive impact under the Green, Wellness and Caring pillars of SV2030. We embrace SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals by forging partnerships that elevate customer experience and enhance communication among stakeholders.
Using Innovation to Unlock Potential
We have been digitalising workflows and services to enhance efficiency.
The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) achieved the following across 6 projects in Mainland China in 2016/17:
  • estimated savings of RMB 13.2 million
  • 125 fewer work days
  • 120 m3 reduction in construction waste
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Leading the industry, the Group develops its own BIM approach and pilots application from project planning to operational stages in both Hong Kong and Mainland China projects. The 3D models enable project teams to visualise designs, manage engineering processes, identify hidden defects and blind spots in advance and reduce abortive works, allowing for better management of environmental resources, costs, quality and health and safety risks. The Tianjin Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre in Mainland China is an example where BIM was applied from planning to operation.
As of 2016, BIM achieved estimated savings of RMB13.2 million, 125 fewer work days and a 120m3 reduction in construction waste across six projects. The Group seeks to scale up the adoption of BIM in upcoming projects and eventually utilise BIM for asset management.
Supporting local entrepreneurship
Keen to foster a startup-friendly culture, we incubate entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to address our business needs and social and environmental challenges.
Eureka Nova, a social enterprise established by us, provides a 12-month incubation programme and resources such as networking opportunities, office space and access to funding for promising startups.
In partnership with Tencent, Eureka Nova, the Group’s startup incubator, admitted 15 startups in the Greater Bay Area to its incubation programme in 2019, under the theme "Smart Retail".
Eureka Nova
The literal meaning of 'eureka' is 'I've found it'. The word 'nova' describes the sudden brightening of a star. Together, these two classic words represent what our brand is all about. New Idea, Great Discovery. This is Eureka Nova. Representing an entrepreneurial spirit, a can-do attitude, creativity and innovations.
Eureka Nova curates a total solution and a support platform for young startups in the region. We aim to connect entrepreneurs and changemakers, discover disruptive business solutions and create collision with other like-minded entrepreneurs in the competitive business world.
At Eureka Nova, startups benefit from the opportunities to test and validate their business ideas with the diverse business units within the Group. We are committed to making our mark in the Hong Kong startup ecosystem and making the city a hub for disruptive technology, innovation and cultural enterprises.
Quality education
We nurture our younger generations through offering quality education programmes in commercial and retail properties.
D • PARK is ‘The World’s First Multiple Intelligence Kids Mall’. Its ‘Donut Multiple Intelligence Integrated Programme’ is designed to maximise the potential of children by nurturing all-round problem-solving abilities of children.
D • PARK Multiple Intelligence Education Programmes
D • PARK, 'the World's First Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) Kids Mall', is organised into different 'M.I. Zones' to provide young children with a variety of themed learning experiences, in which learning courses and interactive games are offered to promote holistic brain and physical development of children.
The 'Donut Integrated Programme' of D • PARK is a curriculum designed to nurture children with 24 types of creative problem-solving abilities, using the theory of M.I. developed by Harvard University of the United States. The programme aims to introduce quality 'edutainment' and generate positive impact to our community.
The Group acts as a responsible corporate citizen through fostering an ideal workplace, providing caring facilities for stakeholders and community engagement and investments. SDG 4 Quality Education, steers us to build an education business that facilitates quality early childhood development, provide training and development opportunities for staff and under-resourced youth to enhance their career prospects and curate experiences that promote sustainable lifestyles. In line with SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, we aim to safeguard our cultural heritage and craftsmanship. We also pursue SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals by collaborating with like-minded organisations and businesses to advance our efforts.
Creating Shared Value for Our Communities and Culture
Our Caring Target
Improve the quality of life of 300 million people through caring facilities, as well as education, cultural and community programmes.
Talent grooming
Talent grooming is our priority. We nurture talents and upskill our people through bespoke training and development programmes.
In 2017/18, A. New World UniversityTM provided 388,000+ hours of training for staff across the Group
HKU - New World Group Business Executive Students (BEST) Programme
The BEST Programme has been a partnership between the University of Hong Kong and New World Group since 2013. This caring-oriented programme offers opportunities for university students to explore the realm of business, unlocking their potential to succeed in the business world.
Comprising a series of structured classroom lectures, corporate visits and interactions with highly experienced executives of the Group, the BEST Programme allows students to gain insights into management skills, and equips them with knowledge that is essential to their future career development.
Fueled by its motto 'COLLECT, CONNECT and COLLIDE' of The Artisanal Movement, the BEST Programme incorporates the 3C's into the curriculum:
  • Collect knowledge & experience through classroom learning, business visits & activities
  • Connect with senior executives, STAR coaches, students from cross disciplines & BEST Alumni
  • Collide with peers to apply learning via group projects
Students who participate actively in lectures and demonstrate a proactive and innovative spirit during the programme are granted priority for internship opportunities at New World Group.
Community programmes
We support charities and programmes to improve the social mobility of the under-resourced and foster a more inclusive community.
Since 2012, the New World Springboard programme has provided
  • 326,000 sports training hours
  • for 960+ under-resourced students
Love‧New World Volunteers Club
The Group strives to build an outstanding team of staff and encourages staff and their family members to participate in volunteering activities to build a harmonious society. The Love‧New World Volunteers Club was formed in July 2012.
Signature activities include the New World Springboard Mentorship Programme which has successfully recruited over 500 colleagues to be mentors of under-resourced children and youths, helping them to cultivate a positive outlook on life.
Caring facilities
We offer people-centric caring facilities to cater for our customers’ special needs.
New World First Ferry has launched the 1st breastfeeding room in Hong Kong public transportation.
New World First Ferry - breastfeeding room
New World First Ferry launched the first breastfeeding room in Hong Kong public transportation in June 2016. The initiative had been further extended to three more triple-deck vessels.
The air-conditioned breastfeeding rooms are equipped with sofas, diaper pads, washing basins, hand dryers and emergency bells, etc. that create a comfortable, safe and stress-free environment for mothers who need to breastfeed.