Charitable Foundations
New World Group Charity Foundation
To fulfill New World Group's commitment to corporate sustainability, the New World Group Charity Foundation was established in 2011 with the aim of contributing to charities and worthy causes and providing practical support to various sports, art and cultural programmes initiated by the Group. This establishment helps the Group achieve its goals of improving social mobility of the under-resourced and fostering social harmony.
New World Springboard, a flagship sustainable community project funded by the New World Group Charity Foundation, provides assistance to under-resourced youths with sports trainings to help them develop self-discipline and a positive outlook on life, and embrace challenges with an indomitable spirit.
Initiatives under New World Group Charity Foundation:
Promotion of Sports
Youth Development
Green and Caring
Programme highlights
New World Group Charity Foundation
Programme highlights

The New World Social Enterprise Fellows Program is a rigorous Fellowship that prepares selected students - Cheng Fellows at Harvard University of the United States - to take action in advancing progress against a pressing social problem through social innovation. The Fellowship is designed as a springboard for students preparing to lead social change through innovation in movements, organizations, businesses, and/or government upon graduation. The co-curricular experience of the Fellowship bridges research, theory, and social change frameworks with experiential insights and expertise to guide students in effectively leveraging themselves as leaders and innovators for positive social impact.

Cheng Fellows use their time at Harvard to learn and simultaneously advance progress against a defined problem about which they have a dedicated passion and future commitment. The program is designed as an intensive co-curricular Fellowship for students to explore social problem-solving within the context of a policy school and with an eye toward action while earning their degrees. Fellowship work is guided by a curated sequence of weekly co-curricular sessions, skills-based workshops, practitioner visits, individualized coaching and mentorship, hands-on studio time, and experiential learning opportunities. Fellows form a cohort-based community and actively contribute to building a place of productive support and encouragement, recognizing that no single individual changes the world alone. Participants embrace a learning orientation in their work, actively incorporating and building on learnings from Fellowship offerings to guide their independent change efforts.

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Jointly organised by Hong Kong United Youth Association (HKUYA), New World Development Company Limited, China Young Leaders Foundation and more than 20 other organisations, and hosted by HKUYA Student Exchange Network (affiliated to HKUYA), New Youth New World Summer Internship Programme provides the opportunity for Hong Kong undergraduate students with around 300 internship positions every year in state-owned enterprises, government departments, cultural organisations and major corporations in first-tier cities of Mainland China. The programme allows students to understand the culture and working environment in Mainland China, thereby broadening their horizons and enhancing their competitiveness.

During the six-week internship, the New Youth New World Summer Internship programme provides a wide array of internship opportunities for university students. As being one of the supporting organisations for the programme, New World Group has also offered successful applicants various positions in its subsidiaries including but not limited to K11, New World China Land Limited, New World Department Store China Limited and its sister company Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, enabling students to build a solid foundation for their career path. The programme involves a series of lectures, field trips and CEO seminars, allowing students to exchange their views with local students and broaden their horizons.

From 2008 to 2017, over 2000 university students have been given the valuable chance to intern in various mainland cities under New Youth New World Summer Internship Programme.

New Youth New World Summer Internship Programme
Promotion of Sports
The Group organises different major sporting events to promote the spirit of overcoming challenges among stakeholders and in the community.
Youth Development
Youth development programmes such as the New Youth New World Summer Internship Programme offer young people multi-faceted learning opportunities for wider perspectives.
Green and Caring
In collaboration with local and international green groups and NGOs through sponsorships and participation, the Group encourages a sustainable lifestyle among staff and the general public.
K11 Art Foundation
A registered not-for-profit organisation in Hong Kong, K11 Art Foundation ('KAF') aims to become a sustainable incubation force in the global ecosystem of art, design and creativity, and to create strong public desire for the local contemporary art scene.
KAF serves as a sustainable incubating springboard where young emerging artists from Greater China are nurtured and their creative ideas and contribution to humanity globally manifested. Through innovative educational programmes, art spaces, an art database across Greater China and a unique collection of contemporary art, KAF provides local communities, especially young and inquisitive members of our generation, with an easy access to appreciate art and thereby elevates our collective understanding of culture.
Culture for Tomorrow
Culture for Tomorrow (CFT) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 by cultural entrepreneur Adrian Cheng, to actualise design and architectural innovation. CFT provides resources to emerging designers and architects to not only empower their ingenious concepts, but also turn promising work into tangible, community engagement programmes, hence providing a platform for public participation, social interaction and cultural exchange to spark off the re-imagination of our living culture.
Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Charity Foundation
With a passion for golf and tennis, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Charity Foundation grooms and inspires young athletes to be courageous to innovate, drive changes and reach new heights.
Established in 2014 as a local charitable institution, we aim to serve the Hong Kong community through various sports and sports wellness programmes. We deliver coaching, educational programs and personal development, providing opportunities for children and young people to lead active and healthy lives.
We want every talented young player to get the opportunity to learn and continue playing golf or tennis even when resources are limited. To encourage emerging talent and to help them realize their full potential.