Customised job attachments are arranged according to the MT's academic background, interests and strengths, subject to the Group's business needs and development.

  • Cross Business : Experience the operations of different businesses within the Group
  • Cross Disciplines : Work in different departments
  • Cross Territories : Gain solid China exposure for long term development
  • Customised Job Attachment Plan : Secure the most suitable and relevant learning opportunity
  • Periodical Performance Evaluation : Review, improve and take a step forward

Career Development

Upon successful completion of the 2-year programme, MTs will be placed to selected companies of the Group, taking into consideration of their professional knowledge, competences, career objective, as well as the manpower planning of the Group.

Ample development opportunities and further advancement are ready for MTs with outstanding performances and capabilities to move along their career ladder. We also expect graduated MTs to be capable of facing challenges from short or long-term job assignments involving a variety of disciplines and locations, including Mainland China, and be able to go on a fast track on their career path.