Throughout the two-year programme, MTs receive guidance, support, and opportunities to adapt to the company culture; interact with top management; and most importantly, contribute their creative ideas and thoughts to the New World Group.

Mentor & Buddy

Each MT is assigned one Mentor (Senior Executive) and one Buddy throughout the programme. Mentors, who are management successors of the Group, provide MTs with management guidance and career advice, while Buddies help the MT adapt to company culture and provide peer support.

Senior Executive Exposure

In addition to on-the-job training, MTs have opportunities to interact directly with top management through participating in executive luncheons, presentations, senior executive briefings, etc.

MT Club and Activities

MTs are encouraged to contribute to both the Group and society through organising and participating in various sports, recreation or volunteering activities of the Group.

MT Journal

In fostering a sharing culture, MTs take turns to contribute articles to New World Group's Facebook page regularly to share their life and experiences at New World.

Please visit New World Talent to view MTs’ sharing on Facebook.