Message from Chairman
To our shareholders,

For over 50 years, New World Group has been practicing the philosophy of “From Society, To Society”. Rooted in Hong Kong with its sights set on Greater China, the Group brings an established track record and proven models to Mainland China in investing in real estate, hotels, infrastructure, education, healthcare and other industries in ways that align with the Motherland.

New World Group will fully devote itself to this mindset and philosophy, which will promote a win-win situation for corporate development and moral character, and create even greater value for our stakeholders.

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Dr. Cheng Kar-Shun, Henry
Hong Kong, China, 30 September 2021

Engaging Investors

New World endeavours to maintain close communication with its shareholders and the capital market. The Group engages a professional investor relations team that works proactively to stay connected with shareholders, institutional investors and analysts, to ensure that markets can receive the Group’s information in a swift, impartial and timely manner to enable effective assessment and informed decisionmaking on investment.

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Latest Awards

2021 Listed Company Awards of Excellence

2021 Listed Company Awards of Excellence

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Total Attributable GFA in Hong Kong
square feet
Landbank by district Attributable GFA (sq ft)
Hong Kong Island 766,500
Kowloon 2,800,500
New Territories 5,817,700
As at 30 June 2021

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30 Sep
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What are principal activities of NWD?

A premium brand infused with a unique personality defined by The Artisanal Movement, NWD's core businesses include property development, property investment, roads, aviation, construction and insurance. Its operation in Greater China, especially the Greater Bay Area.


As at 31 December 2020, total asset value of the Group amounted to approximately HK$616.5 billion.

What is NWD’s stock code and ticker?

HKEx: 0017

What is the dividend history of NWD?

Below summarizes the five-year dividend history of NWD:

Dividend per share (HK$) FY2021 FY2020 FY2019 FY2018 FY2017
Interim 0.56 0.56 0.56 0.56 0.52
Final 1.50 1.48 1.48 1.36 1.32
Full year 2.06 2.04 2.04 1.92 1.84


Remark: Dividend per share and earnings per share for the years ended 30 June 2017, 2018 and 2019 had been adjusted on the assumption that the share consolidation had been effective in the prior years.

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