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24 Aug

New World Group Organizes "Greeners Action x New World Taiwan Green Tour"

New World Development Company Limited ("the Group" or "NWD"; Hong Kong stock code: 17) and Greeners Action co-organized the "Make it Green! Product Design Competition", encouraging participants to bring their creative talents into full play and design green products to change peoples' wasteful habits in daily life. The competition has come to an end with around 200 splendid submissions showing participants' outstanding creativity and their concern for environmental protection. Winners were invited to a Taiwan green tour. New World Group hopes the green culture in Taiwan can deepen their understanding towards green promotion and encourage them to bring positive influence to their family and friends.

Students were invited to visit over ten spots in Taipei and Taichung, not limited to Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, R.O.C. and the green group called Tzu Chi for sharing, a garbage collection point for observing Taiwan household participation in garbage handling, as well as Pei-Tou Refuse Incineration Plant and a factory of E&E Recycling for recycling waste household electric appliances for visits. Considering the fact that food waste problem has become a hot topic nowadays, New World Group and Greeners Action brought students to visit Yu Le Garden run by Taichung government and a food waste centre held by Tzu Chi in Taichung. In the Tzu Chi food waste centre, students even helped to slice fruit peels and leftover vegetables into pieces and mix them with specially prepared bacteria and chaff, under the guidance of Tzu Chi volunteers, for collecting food waste fluid as compost later. Participants also visited Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch, which was rated as Diamond Level under Taiwan's Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction and Health (EEWH) rating system, Yeh Liu Geopark with spectacular rocks, Pinglin which is a peaceful green tourist spot, Park Lane by CMP with green elements, Feng Chia Night Market patrolled by green guiding team etc. Students shared the happiness along with green living.

The Taiwan tour organized by New World Group and Greeners Action strengthened students' determination to practice environmental protection. With much appreciation for Taiwanese attitude towards green living, students promised to lead a green life and to promote the spirit to their family and friends. Wong Wai Yip, Edward, a Form Three student from Tin Shui Wai Government Secondary School, mentioned that he began to feel guilty for disposing plastic bottles after joining the "Make it Green! Product Design Competition" and the Taiwan green tour has further motivated him to protect the environment with greater strength, such as avoiding using disposable chopsticks and bringing tableware for enjoying snacks on the street. Poon Chung Yeung, Dennis, a Form Five student from Yan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si College, feels ashamed when he learnt about Taiwanese persistence in green practices. He promised to do more recycling in daily life and to design more green products to help promote green.

To further propagate the green findings in Taiwan, the Group organizes a facebook game called "Guess what it is?" Taiwan Green Innovation Quiz, in the Green New World facebook page. It brings information about waste incineration, food waste and solid waste management and green building in Taiwan to the public in a free and easy way to heighten public concern on our environment. The gifts of the game were green souvenirs bought during the Taiwan tour and were made of green materials. Green trendsetters should never miss the

New World Group actively concerns about and promotes environmental protection. In addition to the establishment of Group Environmental Committee which formulates green objectives and policies, injects green concepts into its various arms of business and promotes green management, the Group carries out green activities, such as supporting Earth Hour initiated by WWF, participating in "Order less, Waste less" Food Waste Reduction Scheme launched by Friends of the Earth (HK), supporting the government in promoting electric vehicles and the Green Reminders Programme, etc. In June, the Group organizes the annual New World Green Week, during which its group companies stage a series of green initiatives for staff and general public. The Group is committed to actively fulfilling its responsibility in preserving and improving the environment and hopes to contribute to the global environment, building a green new world. The Group hopes to deliver green messages widely and encourage people to support environmental protection through different aspects.