Sustainability at
New World Group
Policy and Governance
Policy and
New World Group implements a number of robust policies and guidelines to ensure sustainability is embodied in our products and services, in order to safeguard the rights and interests of stakeholders.
Group Sustainability Policy
Human Rights Policy
Supplier Code of Conduct
Group Risk Management Policy
Anti-Fraud Poilcy
Whistleblowing Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Sustainable Building Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Green Office Policy
Management Approach and Structure
Management Approach
and Structure

Through understanding socio-economic megatrends and collecting feedback from stakeholders, we identify opportunities from unmet needs and motivate our talents to unleash their innovation to meet these needs. Driven by innovation and enabled by technology, we provide green, smart, caring and wellness-oriented offerings in response to stakeholders’ aspirations, creating shared values for our customers and society.

Management Approach and Structure
How we create value to achieve our corporate vision
Group Sustainability Steering Committee

is composed of members of the senior management from NWD and other business units and led by our Executive Vice-chairman and General Manager. The Committee governs the entire Group and sets the strategic direction for its sustainability initiatives, which aligns with 'New World Sustainability Vision 2030' and business priorities to be implemented by all business units.

NWD Sustainability Department

drives Group-wide sustainability initiatives across the Group's businesses and functions according to the strategic direction set by the Group Sustainability Steering Committee. The Department initiates and coordinates sustainability initiatives related to NWD's business operations.

Group Green Taskforce

comprises middle management from New World Development, New World China Land, New World Department Store, NWS Holdings, NWTMT, etc. and serves as a knowledge-exchange community to support the implementation of the sustainability initiatives.

Group Sustainability Steering Committee
Green financing
Green financing

New World Group’s Green Finance Framework (the ‘Framework’) references the Green Bond Principles, 2017 and can be applied to both green loans and green bonds. This financial innovation drives the creation of quality buildings with green and healthy features and initiatives to echo the ‘New World Sustainability Vision 2030’.

Green Finance Framework
Scope of the Framework

The Framework covers New World Development Company Limited, New World China Land Limited and K11 Group Limited, demonstrating our commitment to offering quality sustainable products and initiatives.

Green bond or green loans under the Framework could fund existing and new building projects in Hong Kong and Mainland China that meet the eligibility criteria including green building certification, energy efficiency and renewable energy, water management, waste management and climate change adaptation.

External review

A ‘Second-Party Opinion’ was obtained for the Framework from Sustainalytics, an independent sustainability research and rating company.

Transaction(s) under the Framework

The inaugural transaction is a green loan for the Group's King’s Road Commercial Re-development project in Hong Kong (target completion in 2019) certified to green and healthy building standards:

  • Hong Kong BEAM Plus (Provisional Platinum)
  • U.S. LEED (Platinum Pre-certification)
  • The world's first WELL Building StandardTM (Platinum Pre-certification)

This green loan has received the ‘Green Finance Certificate’ (Pre-issuance) from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).